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    KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Culture Technology, PhD Candidate

    University of the Arts Berlin, Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, MA

    University of Edinburgh, Acoustics and Music Technology, Completed MSc Lectures

    Goldsmiths University of London, Computational Arts, MA

    Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Sonology, Postgraduate Diploma

    The Ohio State University, Economics/Music, BA

    Seoul Institute of the Arts, Lecturer of the Electronic Music department

    Technical University of Berlin, Researcher/Programmer (Wavefield Synthesis)         

    Micro-variation of Sound Objects Using Component Separation and Diffusion Models. 

    Philip Liu , Youngjun Choi , Jinjoon Lee. Proceedings of International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)

    Sonic Digital Twins: Replication, Reproduction, and Temporality Reconsidered.

    Philip Liu. Master’s Thesis, University of  the Arts Berlin.

    Asia Culture Center International Theatre Residency, Artist

    Sweden Electronic Music Studio(Elektronmusikstudion), Composer (Comissioned by Arts Council Korea)

    Asia Culture Center Creators, Artist

    Gwangju Media Lab, Artist

    Akademie der Künste Berlin, Artist

    Philip Liu (KR/US) is an artist working with Sound and Digital Media


    2023 - 2024                 Korea Aerospace Research Institute+Philip Liu, ArtScience Project , Artist (Comissioned by Daejeon Culture and Arts Foundation) 

    2023                               Seoul Art and Technology Festival 2nd Edition, Artist (Commissioned through Unfold X, by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)

    2021 - 2022                  KOCCA(The Korea Creative Content Agency) funded research, GIST: Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

                                                 ‘Development of technology to visualize music and dance for the hearing impaired to enjoy music’,  

                                                  Principal Investigator of the Co-Research Institute

    2021                              Arts Council Korea 'Reboot: Multidisciplinary Art Support': 'Do Posthumans Dream of Electric Space?’,  Artist

    2021                              Arts Council Korea 'Online Media Art Support': 'Creation of a Virtual Space for an Online Performance in the viewpoint

                                             of Archaeoacoustics’, Director/Artist/Programmer

    2021                              Arts Council Korea ‘Art and Tech’: ‘Synesthetic Oceanwave Superposition, Artist

    2021                              Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture ‘Sounds On’: ‘Hearing Landscapes of Digital Non-Human’, Artist

    2021                              Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture ‘MEET’: ‘Mullae Live Coding Competition’(Demoscene-KR) Director/Elaborator/Artist

    2021                              KOCCA ‘A.I. Creative Education’, Seoul Institute of the Arts: ‘Sonic Art’ course, Elaborator/Educator/Mentor

    2021                              National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea 'Multiverse': 'Landscape being decoded', Sound Programmer

    2021                              Seoul Institute of the Arts ‘Downtown Variety’: Audiovisual Performance ‘Many-Worlds Reverb’, Artist/Performer

    2020                              KOCCA ‘Art and Tech Fusion Contents Support’ selected ‘Vital Signs’: Interactive Designer/Sound Programmer

    2020                              Arts Council Korea ‘Art and Digital Tech’ selected ‘Changing Tides’: Live Electronics Performer/Interactive Designer

    2020                              Music in PyeongChang - Winter ‘Schubert - Winterreise’: Visual Artist (Rehearsed/Cancelled due to COVID-19)

    2019                              Berlin University of the Arts Support Program: ‘Philip Liu Solo Exhibition: Code Conversion’ (6 works were exhibited), Artist

    2019                              ‘Kontakte Festival' by Berlin Akademie der Kunste: Sound Installation ‘Binary Echoes’, Artist

    2019                              New York ‘ICMC’: Audiovisual Performance ‘Resonance Morphology’, Artist/Performer

    2019                              Birmingham ‘BEaSTFEAST’: Audiovisual Performance ‘Electro-ethnomusicology 2’, Artist/Performer

    2019                              ‘Howling Live’ supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture: Audiovisual Performance ‘Bicameral’, Artist/Performer

    2019                              U.S. ‘Beam Camp’: Interactive Architecture Project ‘World's Largest Music Box’, Finalist

    2019                              Busan ‘Hongti Art Center’: Workshop ‘Arduino for Artists’, Lecturer

    2019                              London Goldsmiths ‘Special Hatcham Exhibition:’  Kinetic Sound Installation ‘(Anti)Voice Loop’, Artist

    2018                              Berlin University of the Arts: Workshop ‘Practical Introduction to Supercollider’, Lecturer

    2018                              Derry, Northern Ireland ‘ISSTA’: 8-Channel Fixed Media ‘Electro-ethnomusicology 1’, Artist

    2018                              Seoul‘WeSA’ Festival:  Audiovisual Performance ‘Telescopic Random Feedback’, Artist/Performer

    2018                              ‘Yeosu International Art Festival’ Opening: Audiovisual Performance ‘Transmission’, Artist/Performer

    2017                              London ‘Computational Artists Annual Exhibition’: Audiovisual Installation ‘6-Bit Rays’, Artist

    2017                              London ‘EMS Concert’: Live Electronics ‘Music for Shift Registers’ Artist/Performer

    2016                              Seoul ‘Ambient Moo’: Audiovisual Performance ‘Impulses’, Artist/Performer

    2016                              Seoul ‘PROTOROOM’: Workshop ‘About Sound Synthesis’, Lecturer

    2016                              The Hague ‘Sonology Discussion Concert‘: Audiovisual Performance ‘Six Perspectives’, Artist/Performer

    Research Area: Aesthetics and Theories

    Sonic Philosophy, Digital Aesthetics, Audiovisual Art,

    Computational Listening, Object-Oriented Ontology, Phenomenology, Archaeoacoustics, Acoustic Ecology, Extended Senses,

    Rhythmanalysis, Telepresence, Posthuman, Digital Non-Human, Synesthesia, Virtual Possession, Generative Arts...

    Research Area: Tech


    Procedural Sound, Physical Modelling Synthesis(Finite Difference Method),

    Multi-channel techniques(Wavefield Synthesis, Ambisonics..), Analog Synth Circuits, etc.


    Creative application of Shaders, Liquid Simulations, Pyro Simulations, Rigid Body Simulations, etc.



    C++, Python, Javascript, Supercollider, MAX/MSP, RNBO, All DAWs, Faust, JUCE, Matlab, Touchdesigner, Houdini, Unreal Engine, GLSL&HLSL, openFrameworks, Rhino, Cinema 4D, WaveNet, Tensorflow, Magenta, etc.


    Bela+Beaglebone, Raspberry pi, Arduino, Altium Designer, 2.5D CNC, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, etc.

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