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Many-Worlds Reverb

This work is about creating an additional pseudo-dimension with repetition, visually using shaders, and aurally using algorithmic reverbs.


The human brain has evolved to feel comfortable with repetitions, which exactly applies to music, architecture, industrial design, acoustic design, etc.

The artist was heavily impressed by the pattern of piled-up resources in an industrial district called Mullae in Seoul, Korea. Therefore, he recorded/filmed the soundscape and landscape of the space. The structure of the real-time performance is consist of the performer selecting a part of the video and expanding its dimensionality to the pseudo-Z axis, and the sound pattern is repeated times to exactly match the number of it.


The sound repetition occurs in two levels, at the macro time level such as a phrase, and at the micro time level such as the algorithmic reverb repeating a fraction of the sound very fast which alters the sound texture.

As a result, multiple instances of reality per se become the method of audiovisual composition.




Seoul Institute of the Arts, Concert Hall

Comissioned by

Culturehub Seoul


Philip Liu

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